transparent sound

Below is a table of all our releases to date. for further information please contact us.
Label Artist Title Track Titles Cat. No. Format Year
Transparent Sound Transparent Sound The Yellow One Meltdown Ride, Kinky Nation, Can You See? TRAN/S 001 12" Vinyl 1995
Transparent Sound Transparent Sound The Green One Atmosphere, Reminisence, Reminisence remix TRAN/S 002 12" Vinyl 1996
Transparent Sound Transparent Sound The Red One Tricks, Grind to This, Sphere, Keep On TRAN/S 003 12" Vinyl 1996
Da-Feat Transparent Sound Dimensions of Elegance Naked Symphony, Beginning, Liquid DA-FEAT 001 12" Vinyl 1996
Mullukan Transparent Sound See The Signs Full Blown, Club Dup & Retro mixes MULL/R/001 12" Vinyl 1996
Mullukan Transparent Sound Shine the Light Stairway to Detroit, Once Tweeked, Roll With It MULL/R/002 12" Vinyl 1996
In-pressed Transparent Sound Don’t Jerk It Stripped and Fat mixes IN-PRESS 001 12" Vinyl 1996
Transparent Sound Transparent Sound The Purple One Meltdown 97, Go With Da Flow, Just Ride, Girlz TRAN/S/004 12" Vinyl 1996
Fiction The Cure Wrong Number Wrong Number, engaged mix 12" Vinyl   1997
Abstact Dance Transparent Sound Freaks Freaquency EP Freaks Freaquecy, What Goes On, Punk Motherfucker AD 004 12" Vinyl 1999
Solid Groove Transparent Sound Night and Day Night & Day, Solar, Scratch & See, Sundsplash SG 19 12" Vinyl 1999
Transparent Sound Transparent Sound Analogue Deliverance Twisted Intelligence & Analogue Deliverance TRAN/S/005 12" Vinyl 2000
Crayon Transparent Sound Freaks Freaquency Remixed Original Mix, Auberys Mix, Mark Ambroses Mix, Bonus Track Thu (Mark Ambrose) CRYN 12 12" Vinyl 2000
Binary Types Transparent Sound Meltdown 2000 Meltdown Ride 2000, Diminished Innocence BINARYTYPES 0010 12" Vinyl 2000
Release Records Transparent Sound,Anthony Rother,Exzakt,Asem Shama Future Soundscapes Keep Control(TS),Street Life 2K(AS),Don’t Stop The Beat (AR)& Transfusion (FS Edit)(E) RR 002 12" vinyl 2000
Outside Recordings Transparent Sound v ADJ Travel Card EP Down in Miami, Ain't no Time (TS)
Sirius, Mediterranean Breeze (ADJ)
OR 003 12" vinyl 2001
Mass Transit Transparent Sound, Le Syndicat Electronique, Mr Velcro Fastener, Double Dutch Testarossa (MVF) Context 22 (DD) Mode 2; Metrobus Robotic Force (LSE) Watching You (TS) Testarossa (MVF) Context 22 (DD) 12" Vinyl 2001
Electrix Records Transparent Sound Echoes Beyond Tomorrow Never Fall Again + mixes by Scape One & Subfunk ETRX 007 12" Vinyl 2001
Blue Juice Rob Euroh Reprogram The Euroh Scratch, Reprogam Reworks by TS & Scape ONE   12" Vinyl 2002
Electrix Records Transparent Sound Emotional Amputation Emotional Amputation, Dead Reckoning, Fade to Grey, Strip Lit Sex, Simpletons, Small Indignities, Open Your Box, Paranoid Potential, Improbable You, Lego Hair, Memory LHCD003-2 CD 2002
Longhaul Radioactive Man v Transparent Sound DJ mixes Beatz Clash volume 1 CD1 (radioactive) Spencers Funk:intro,Kung Fu Jesus:Amen..&then some, Carl A Finlow:Hardwired,The Wee DJs:Groover,Big Chief Electric:Shoreditch High St,Carl A Finlow:Devices,Dexter:Echo Park,Synapse:Gas,Tipper:Donut Radioactive Man:Night Bus to Nowhere,EON:Absorbed,Kansas City Prophets: Ignition,Something J/DJ Maxximus:Mercades bentley v Versace Armani CD2(Transparent) Pollon:Lonely Planet,Chromatix:Assembler,Spy-Tec:Transmission Unknown Origin(silcon Scally Remix),Scape One:260 Speakers,Umwelt:Telek,Transparent Sound:Lego Hair,Selway:Bass Control,Sirus 3:Funk That Is,Chromatix:Pitch Control, Transparent Sound:Dog Catcher,Silicon Scally:Entron,Pathic:Chloe's Welcome Baggage, Gritty Glamour   Double CD Quad pack Vinyl 2002
Electrix Records Transparent Sound Fade To Grey Mixes by TS, Zeta Reticula & Turk'n'Kemu ETRX 013 12" Vinyl 2003
Satamile Recorda Freezie Freekie Data Sink "Flow" Mixes by TS, UNN, Scape One & Bass Junkie SATRX 001 12" Vinyl 2003
Electrix Records Transparent Sound 350 Short 350 Short, Vibro Boy, Your Eyes Are Pretty ETRX 019 12" Vinyl 2003
Orson Records Transparent Sound Freaks Freaquncy Remix EP Mixes By Mr Velcro Fastener, Point B & Saeff ORSON002 12" Vinyl 2004
Dpress Industries   Ocean Remixes Mixes By TS & Undo&Vicknoise DP014 12" Vinyl 2004
Exceptional Records Transparent Sound Variations Of An Attitude Original, Remix by Swaysak, Rework by Orson EXEC53 12" Vinyl 2005
Electrix Mr Velcro Fastener Gone Mad Gone Mad, Gone Mute, remixes by TS & Ivo ETRX 024 12" Vinyl 2005
Electrix Who is Who? Spot The Difference EP Spot The Difference (Transparent Sound & Espion Remixes) Insret Coin ETRX 025 12" Vinyl 2005
Exceptional Records Transparent Sound Hair Cut Fantasy Voyeurs Chance, Hair Cut Fantasy, Losing Hair, Numb In The Face, Your Eyes Are Prettier, One Step Bitch, Growing Hair, Variations of An Attitude, Secrets of The Sane, Touch The Sun exlpcd0508 12" Vinyl 2005
Orson Records Transparent Sound Voyeurs Chance EP -Hair Cut Fantasy (Bangkok Impact Remix), Hair Cut Fantasy (Espion Remix), Voyeurs Chance, Voyeurs Chance (James Taylor- Swaysak remix) Orson 006 12" Vinyl 2005
Tyrant 004 Transparent Sound Vintage EP Vintage, Proper Techno, Proper Techno (Espion Remix) Tyrant 004 12" Vinyl 2005
Soma Vector Lovers Post-Arctic Industries Post-Arctic Industries ( Polarised mix) Nostalgia 4 The Future (TS & Espion Remixes) SOMA 189 12" Vinyl 2006
Electrix Transparent Sound Cider Club EP Cider Club, Cider Club (ESPION Remix) Sucking Lemons ETRX 027 12" Vinyl 2006
Orson Records Transparent Sound Hell Bent Hell Bent, + remixes by Mesak, Dub Kult & Espion Orson 008 12" Vinyl 2006
Orson Records Craig Richards & Transparent Sound The Two Headed Monster Andy Toth:Jovian Zoology,Sweet 'n Candy:Mail,Crane A.K.:Electrothermid, Ryan Crosson:Artists Have Bad Haircuts,Lineas De Nazca:Circuito Interior,Apoll:From A To B (Falko Brocksieper Remix),LexdinamoIky,T.RaumschmiereKnisterpop,Und:Coccopuffs,Motor:1.1, Alex Under:Gavroche,Joel Mull:Untitled,Actual Jakshun:Sequential Circus, Louderbach:Grace (Anxiety),2000 And One:Get Down (Shinedoe Remix),Raudiv:Turn It Off,Marc Ashken:Hair Up High, CD2 (Transparent Sound live)Secrets Of The Sane,Voyeurs Chance, Hell Bent,The Cider Club,Sucking Lemons,The Two Headed Monster,Spot The Difference,Proper Techno,Vintage,Variations Of An Attitude. Orson CD001 Double CD 2006
Orson Records Various The Two Headed Monster Sampler ep Sweet 'n Candy:Mail,Transparent Sound:Spot the difference(Dub Kult Remix),Und:Coccopuffs,Lexdinamo:Iky Orson Sampler EP 12" Vinyl 2006
Transparent Sound tracks also appear on: Lost in Space Drum'n'Bass Phase 00:02 (Dimensions of Elegance) on Lecerba 2xCD CERBAD 2, Electrocuted presents Sexmachinemusic (Twisted intelligence) on Groovetech "xCD on Remote Audio CD RACD 1001 and Copellia 101-Mixed & Compiled by Miguel Mendoza (Fade To Grey) on Aire Music CD AM00